Cougar Punched in Face to Save Dog

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Dachshund and owner

Cougar beside gun


A Vancouver Island man punched a cougar in the face to retrieve his dachshund.

The starving animal had gone into the back yard and snatched the dog. The owner saw the event out of the corner of his eye and chased him into the bushes.  After returning home with his pet, he grabbed his gun and ended up shooting the predator.  Watch the video on the CTV News website.

Photos courtesy CTV News


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A man south of Calgary, Alberta fought a cougar with his bare hands to save his girlfriend’s dog.  Now that’s love (and adrenalin)!  Read this story that was published in the Calgary Herald two months ago.

Cougar attacks on the increase

Cougar attacks seem to be on the increase in Western Canada this year.  The website wrote One dog is injured and another dead after two separate cougar attacks in Maple Ridge this week. The first incident happened at a popular Maple Ridge hiking area … .   Read more.

Attack in the Okanagan

If you are walking your dog in the Okanagan area, it can be dangerous to let it off its leash.  The Global News website wrote He’s badly wounded but a West Kelowna dog is lucky to be alive after surviving a cougar attack over the weekend. Ozzie was missing for more than a day. When his owner, Tyler Hilditch found him, he was… .       Read more.

Attack in Washington state

Washington state has also been on the alert for cougar attacks.  Fox 13 news claims Neighbors near Bremerton are sounding the alarm after they believe a cougar attacked and killed a family pet. The pet’s owner says it happened a week ago in the Manette area of Kitsap County.  Read more and watch the newscast.


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