Dog Ears, Multiple Interesting Facts

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We are grateful for dog ears

Dog ears can pick up sounds from 40 Hz. to 60,000 Hz. However, this varies depending upon things such as age and breed. Compare that with the commonly given range for humans: 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz.

Canine hearing Pinterest, dog earsThis high range allows dogs to hear the high-pitched dog whistles which are used in dog training.
♦ They are above 20,000 Hz so that they do not disturb or annoy nearby humans.
♦ One reason dogs are used to guard property is because dog ears heightened hearing ability.
♦ Dog ears can pick sounds from four times further away than humans.
• So, if you are wondering why a dog is restless, there may just be something beyond your hearing range.
♦ Dogs have at least 18 different muscles in their ears.
♦ So, when they hear a sound, they can tilt and rotate their ears forward to maximize reception.
♦ The shape of the ears helps dogs to hear more accurately.
♦ A hearing dog can help a deaf person feel more part of the world.
• The dog can alert its master to important sounds such as a knock at the door, a kettle whistle, a baby’s cry, a telephone ring, an alarm clock, a burglar alarm, a smoke alarm or even the rustling of a prowler.
• Hearing dogs have the same public access rights as guide dogs for the blind.

Hz: The hertz (symbol Hz) is the unit of frequency (in this case, of sound) and is defined as one cycle per second.  The more times a sound wave vibrates each second, the higher the pitch of the sound.



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