Dog Overboard, Unexpected Rescue

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The ferry, the dog overboard and the rescue

dog overboard rescuedWhat would you do if you were a ship’s captain and there was a dog overboard? How valuable is the life of a puppy? Would it be worth the inconvenience to the passengers to stop a ferry for one dog?

A captain off the coast of Italy had to make that decision.  He assumed the puppy would drown.  So, he kept sailing like it was business as usual.

In the meantime, six sailors from an Italian yacht club were in the Mediterranean sea.  They saw a Labrador puppy frantically paddling towards their sailboat.

A sailor reached down, grabbed the puppy by the scruff of its neck and rescued it.

The ferry company later apologized for the incident.


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The dog says “Hello” to the dolphin.

It ends up taking a ride on the dolphin’s back.  Watch the video below about an adventurous dog overboard.


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Amidst a sinking boat and huge winds, a helicopter crew attempts a rescue.  One at a time, the two people were rescued from the boat.  By this time, the dog is overboard in 10′ swells.  A crew member is lowered to attempt a rescue.

Watch the happy ending in the video below.



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