Dog Rescue Record, 33 Dogs in Burning Buildings

dog rescue

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Dog rescue part of the fireman’s job

Fireman mask over dog's snout textThis dog rescue number is one for the record books.  During a recent January 2016 24-hour period, the Sacramento Fire Dept. (known as Sac Metro) rescued a grand total of 33 dogs from buildings on fire. 

The fire department carries special equipment that offers first aid to dogs and cats suffering from smoke inhalation.  The equipment has several different sizes of masks.  They can deliver oxygen to animals as small as a house cat or as large as a Great Dane.

Also rescued in the same twenty-four hour period  were four cats and two birds.

Rescue yourself first

Remember that flight attendants will tell passengers to put the oxygen mask over their own mouth before helping children.  That way the adult can be the most effective.

In the same way, the Metro fire department recommends that people get themselves out of harm’s way first.  Then, when the fire department arrives, the pet rescue will be easier.  The pet owners will be able to give the firemen a description of the pet and possibly a location.

Sacramento Metro Fire employees understand how pets are an important part of a family.  They are dedicated to helping save the lives of both humans and pets.

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Dog rescued from fire, revived with oxygen

The delawareonline website has a story that includes a video of a dog being revived with oxygen.  Firefighters found the unresponsive pit bull on the second floor of a burning home.  They brought the dog to the front lawn, put the mask around its face, turned on the oxygen and revived it.

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