Dog Surfing in the Huntington Beach competition

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Annual dog surfing event

Dog surfingEvery year the annual dog surfing competition is held on Huntington Beach in California.  It includes dogs that are being judged for their surfing skills, the duration of their ride and their confidence while riding.  See more on The Guardian website.

Highlights of a dog surfing competition

These video clips showcase canine surfers hitting the waves to raise money for local charities. See more similar videos from this event and other California similar contests at the SoCal Beaches Magazine website at

History of dog surfing

This sport was documented in California and Hawaii in the 1920s.  In the 1930s a silent film entitled On the Waves in Waikiki featured a man surfing with his dog  in Hawaii.  In 1944 National Geographic magazine published a full page photo of a surfing dog.  In the 1950s a TV show called You Asked for It! reported a man surfing with his dog together in Hawaii.

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