Dog Tags with Photos and/or Text Laser Engraved

What are dog tags?

“Dog tags” is an informal term for the identification tags worn by military personnel, because of their resemblance to animal registration tags.  In our case they have a resemblance to military tags.  However, they can have any photo and/or text laser engraved onto them.

(Note that you don’t pay for your dog tag until you have approved our computer-generated preview.)

How to order
dog tagsSingle-sided Dog Tag
With 24″ chain

dog tagsTwo-sided Dog Tag
With 24″ chain

dog tags Haley 520 or more Single-sided Dog Tags
$6 each

dog tags Haley 520 or more Double-sided Dog Tags
$7 ea.

dog tags Haley 550 or more Single-sided Dog Tags
$5 ea.

dog tags Haley 550 or more Double-sided Dog Tags
$6 ea.

Personal photo gift

The perfect low-priced unique, personal photo gift.  Keep the people you love close to your heart with this personalized picture perfect dog tag. A dog tag around your neck is a wonderful way to carry a favorite photo.

Our Dog Tags can be personalized with any picture, logo and/or text. They are unique gift items, come with a 24″ chain and make great keepsakes.

Bulk orders

If you can picture it, we can laser etch it on a dog tag. 20 or more single-sided dog tags with identical pictures and text are $6 each. Shipping is free for 20 or more identical dog tags to any of the lower 48 states.

How to order

Fill in the form below for more information.   We will respond by asking you to attach a photo and other information.

After we get your email, we will create a computer-generated preview of what your dog tag would look like. You don’t have to pay until you approve the preview.

Dog tags are shipped from Florida. Shipping charged at USPS priority post rates.

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