Entertainment at Halftime: Monkey-riding Dogs

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Halftime sports more entertaining than football 

Entertainment: Monkey riding dog

The halftime entertainment between the Houston Texans and Cincinnati Bengals was more memorable than the football game.  Monkeys wearing Bengal uniforms were riding dogs herding sheep.

According to the tweets going around, the halftime sports show was more entertaining than the football game.  The monkeys were even sporting monkey cams.

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Some of the best halftime entertainment has been at the Super Bowl.  Below are some of the highlights.

Michael Jackson at Super Bowl 1993

Listen to the frenzied crowd as Michael Jackson lip-synchs a medley of “Jam,” “Billie Jean” and “Black or White.” He went on with a snippet of “We Are The World” as the crowd turned over cards revealing drawings by the children of Los Angeles.

Paul McCartney at Super Bowl 2005

Following the 2004 “Nippegate” with Janet Jackson, Paul McCartney became a safer choice of entertainment.  Songs included Drive My Car, Get Back and Live and Let Die.  He ended as the audience joined in his rendition of Hey Jude.

U2 entertaining at Super Bowl 2002

Several months after 911, U2 brought a tribute to that fateful 2001 day.  They started with Beautiful Day.  As they played Where the Streets Have No Name, the names of the victims who perished in the attacks were scrolled onto the background.  Bono finished the song by opening his jacket and revealing the Stars and Stripes in its lining.

Madonna entertaining at Super Bowl 2012

Madonna entered the halftime performance as a semi-gladiotorial captain of a cheerleading squad.  Songs included Vogue, Sexy and I Know It, Gimme Your Luvin’ and Like a Prayer.

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