Invasive Species Controlled by Sniffing Dogs

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Mandatory invasive species checks

invasive species sniffing dogsChecks for zebra and quagga mussels are mandatory in Alberta for any watercraft, even stand-up paddleboards.  Three permanent mussel-sniffing dogs, all rescue dogs, are part of the invasive species  inspection team.

The dogs sniff all the nooks and crannies of each boat.  If any mussels are found, they are pressure washed off to prevent the mussels from spreading to other lakes.

Potential $75 million loss  from invasive species

Because mussels could do such things as plug up irrigation pipes, a proliferation of the mussels could potentially cost the province of Alberta up to $75 million annually.

Read more on the Calgary Herald blog.


Photo courtesy The Calgary Herald

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B.C. Gets Boost In Fight Against Invasive Species

The Columbia Power website states that mobile inspection and decontamination crews will be dedicated to stopping and ensuring boats are free of mussels. The teams will be based in Cranbrook, Valemount and Nelson, to target major entry points from Alberta and the U.S.  Read more.

MusselsZebra mussels, an invasive species from Texas, was found in Oregon

The OPB FM radio station writes that Oregon Fish and Wildlife inspectors found zebra mussels on a boat in Ashland last week, and they’re reminding boaters to keep an eye out for the invasive species as more people head to the water during warm summer weather.  

The boat was being hauled from Texas to Auburn, Washington.  Read more.

Photo courtesy The OPB FM radio station

Zebra mussels confirmed in Minnesota

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources claims that Zebra mussels have been confirmed in Lake Eunice in Becker County in northwestern Minnesota, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources … The zebra mussels ranged in size from one-quarter inch to one inch, indicating there are two different year classes present in the lake.

Lake Eunice will be designated as zebra mussel infested.  Read more.

How My Rescue Dog Rescued Me

The Life with Dogs website has an interesting article from a woman who claims that she was rescued by a rescue dog.  She writes That’s how I became Coco’s person, joining the growing ranks of widows I know who’ve lost a husband and gained a dog. I wasn’t thrilled about it, not being a dog person, and I worried that I wasn’t up to the job. Read more.

Rescuing a homeless senior dog from a water treatment facility

Watch the YouTube video below to learn about Mufasa who lived in a water treatment facility.


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Pet loss

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