Lost Dog Finds Way Home from 35 Miles Away

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Lost dog walks 35 miles

A lost dog spent 9 days and walked 35 miles (56.3 km) to get home.  During those 9 days it endured predators, traffic & a torrential rainstorm. Read more on the Canoe.ca website.

Photo courtesy Canoe.ca


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Woman cuts European trip short to find her lost dog

The CBS news reports that a Carrollton woman cut her European vacation short after she discovered that a boarding facility had lost her dog.  The CBS DFW website says As soon as Sandra Liu found out her dog Josie ran away from the All
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Teens return lost dog after finding charcoal-written message

Five teenagers canoed to an island and began an adventure searching for a dog.  The Today News website says …they found a startling note inscribed on a rock near the shore of a small island in Cook County, Minn. “Lost dog. Call DNR. Red Sheltie,” the charcoal-written plea read. …  Read more.

Thanks to Facebook & posters, lost dog found after 2 weeks

Dog lovers stick together.  After they heard about the missing dog, word spread and people started looking.  The ABC Action News website says After a few sightings, some Good Samaritans figured out Sashi’s patterns and were able to take her home. …  Read more and watch video.

Facial recognition technology to find lost dogs

An app called “Finding Rover” is being use to find lost dogs.  The NBC 12 website says Facial recognition technology is important to law enforcement, and it may become important to you too… if you ever lose your dog. …   Read more and watch the video

We use Twitter for our table of contents.

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