Lost Dog Walks 200 Miles to Be with Friend

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Lost dog walks 2 weeks to find Good Samaritan

lost dog walks 200 milesTwo people found a dog that had been run over by a hit-and-run driver.  The lost dog, Shavi, had two broken legs.  They took Shavi to a veterinarian and then found Nina.  Nina offered to take the dog to her apartment to nurse her back to health.

After the Shavi was strong again, Nina realized that her apartment was just too small for the dog.  She gave it to friends 180 miles away.

In the meantime, Nina had moved to a new home.

One day she noticed a dog rubbing against her leg, it was Shavi. Shavi had dug under a fence and walked for two weeks to find the lady she loved.

Go to the Life with Dogs website to read the rest of the incredible story about this lost dog who found home.

Lost dog walks 15 blocks to hospital

Watch to video below of the miniature schnauzer who walked 15 blocks to be with her owner.

How do the lost dogs navigate long distances?

The Straight Dope website tries to answer that question.  It talked about one researcher who has a database of similar stories — 29 homing cats and 60 homing dogs. In most cases the pet was transported from its home to an unfamiliar location without having a chance to learn the smells or landmarks en route.  They were all able to find their master and they typically it followed a different route home.

The website goes on to say: The navigational abilities of homing pigeons are well known. Even more impressive are those of sea birds such as the albatross, which can fly home from as much as 4,000 miles away. Monarch butterflies, Sheldrake notes, annually migrate 2,000 miles from the Great Lakes to Mexico and back.

Individual butterflies don’t live long enough to make the round trip, but somehow the species as a whole knows which Mexican “butterfly trees” to return to every winter, even though three to five generations may intervene between one visit and the next.  In other words, they use something in their DNA  to find out from which butterfly tree their grandparents came. 

I believe that this homing ability at times has something to do with life beyond the fourth dimension. Theoretical physicists are already working on this.  It is only a matter of time before the truth will be discovered.

YouTube video talking about Shavi and homing ability in general


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