Military Dogs Sniff Out IEDs

military dogs

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Military dogs helping soldiers in Afghanistan

military dogs
The German Shepherd in this photo was one of the military dogs that finds IEDs in Afghanistan.   According to the National Geographic, Out in front of America’s troops, combat canines and their handlers lead the way onto the most dangerous battlefields on Earth.  Read more on the National Geographic website.

Photo courtesy National Geographic

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New bill would bring military dogs back home

In many cases it would help tremendously if a veteran dog handler could unite with his former war dog.  If passed, a new bill could help solve that problem.  The Mother Nature Network website says,  In what can only be called a terrible oversight, there are apparently no regulations currently in place to facilitate the retirement of American military dogs and the return of those dogs to their soldier handlers. Until now.  Read more.

Helping military dogs find loving families in retirement

This Fox News channel has a video about finding loving homes for dogs of war that have returned from war zones.  Watch the video now.

Hollywood movie about Max, the military dog

The website has a trailer of a PG movie about a dog of war.  Max was used to sniff our bombs in Afghanistan.  Watch now

Military dogs that spent years in war zones stateside sniffing out methamphetamine and other drugs. 

The WGMD Fox News website has a story about retired military dogs helping police sniff out illegal drugs.  Read more.

Dog handlers pushing to get reunited with their military dogs

Dog handlers want the first choice of adopting the dogs they worked with in war zones.  The Washington Free Beacon website says Military dog handlers are pushing legislators to change a law that has kept many of them from being reunited with their canines after serving alongside them overseas.  Read more.

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