Perfect Pitch Dogs Hear a Sound and Then Play the Piano

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What is perfect pitch?

Perfect pitch is the rare hereditary ability to be able to recognize the pitch of a note or to be able to produce any given note.  About one person in 10,000 has perfect pitch.  In the next paragraph you will learn about two dogs that can produce any given note.

Two Golden Retrievers have perfect pitch

Dogs Perfect PitchThese two dogs can play the piano by ear. They may not be playing a complete song.  However, they can find the right keys after listening to notes played to them on a keyboard. At first, each dog plays separately, then both play together, one octave apart.

Watch the YouTube video below.

Watch another YouTube video with one of the same Golden Retrievers and the same lady.  However, this time the dog is following the sounds on a flute instead of a keyboard.

Absolute pitch test

On this website you can test yourself to see whether or not you have absolute pitch (AP), (another name for perfect pitch).

Young boy with AP

Watch this YouTube video to see nine-year-old piano prodigy Gavin George demonstrate his AP.

Donald Grey Triplett, autism and AP

Donald Grey Triplett, the first person to ever be diagnosed with autism, had perfect pitch.  That may be one reason for all of the successes in his life.  Read his story.

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