Search and Rescue Dogs vs. Retirement

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Retired teacher makes a difference

search and rescue dogsMeet the retired PE teacher who learned how to train search and rescue dogs. Wilma Melville is the founder of the Search Dog Foundation.

After retiring, Wilma learned how to train a search and rescue dog to save victims of California earthquakes.  After the 1995 Murrah Building bombing in Oklahoma City, she took her dog there to help rescue people.  She would instruct her dog with short blasts from a whistle 50 yards away.

She began raising funds train search and rescue dogs.  When 911 happened, Wilma was able to send 13 dogs to help find people in the collapsed World Trade Center buildings.

Besides sending dogs across the United States, she has sent teams to Nepal, Haiti and Japan.

Read more on the BBC News Magazine website.

Photo courtesy BBC

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We use Twitter for our table of contents.

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