Skunk Smell Removal

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Skunk smell removal

Dog sprayed by skunk?

When dogs see a skunk, they seem to have an urge to investigate. However, skunks have a huge urge to repel the dog. They do it with a large quantity of skunk smell spray.

How do you get rid of the  smell? First of all, the tomato juice recipe is a myth.

I’ve found two similar recipes online. Try whichever one appeals to you most.

Two recipes for skunk smell removal

Recipe #1: 1 tsp. dish soap,

1 quart peroxide,

1/2 cup baking soda.

Mix well and work into dog’s coat, rinse well.

Recipe #2: The second recipe is the slightly different one you see in the picture to the right.

There are two cautions:
1. The recipe will fade upholstery and fabrics. Make sure you wear old clothes when cleaning the skunk smell dog.

2. Be careful with your recipe around the eyes and face. It can irritate the eyes. Make sure you do not use it in that area.

Beyond the skunk smell problem

Your dog may still have health problems after removing the skunk smell.  If so, go to the PetMD website for advice.

Pet loss

If your pet has recently passed on, it may help to read our page about Loss of a Pet and the Grieving Process.


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