Tennis Ball Keeps Dog’s Memory Alive

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Tennis ball photo on Instagram

Tennis ball

After a San Francisco Bay Area man’s dog died, he posted the above photo on Instagram.   In order to keep the memory of his dog alive, he will send anyone a tennis ball.  All they have to do is promise to use the ball to play with their dog more.

He has sent hundred of tennis balls around the United States and even to foreign countries.  People mail him pictures of their dogs playing with their new tennis balls.  If they send him money to cover his expenses, he returns it.  All he wants to do is send a little love around the world.

His dog was “Everything” to him

Chris Stonag-Ratti had named his dog “Everything”.  It turned out that was a fitting name.  During tough times his dog was his constant companion.

He said that his dog was there to help keep him out of trouble.  He felt a responsibility towards Everything and kept on the straight and narrow for the sake of his dog.

Instant Instagram Interest

Chris’ Instagram post received 8000 “likes” in a single day.  He now has a tennis ball waiting list hundreds of dogs long.

Two years after Everything’s death, the pain is still there.  Knowing that he is encouraging other people to play with their dogs helps keep him going.

Go to the NBC Bay Area website to watch the news story about Everything and the Tennis Balls.

Another way to keep the memory alive

If your pet has recently passed on, it may help to read our page about Loss of a Pet and the Grieving Process.


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